A red candle on a table.


Written by Matt Frazer


Whether you’re looking for a memorial gift or a candle for a funeral, memorial candles are a unique funeral product.


For thousands of years, candles have been used at funerals to symbolize the everlasting spirit of a loved one who has passed away. Now, this unique funeral product is being personalized by funeral professionals and included in not only the funeral and memorial service, but also being created as a memorial keepsake.


There are a variety of things that people cherish as keepsakes, including the funeral stationery and memorial candles that were used during the funeral service of their loved one. Memorial candles, in particular, are an excellent memorial keepsake to save and use after the funeral ceremony has concluded. With a loved one’s photo and a few bits of personal text on the sides, this funeral product can be lit for special remembrance occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or just when the thought strikes.


Memorial Gift

A memorial candle can be a very special gift to give an individual who has suffered loss. It’s a unique funeral product that will be a positive reminder bringing a smile to the face of the bereaved and touch their heart. Memorial candles can be personalized by a funeral professional in-house so that the bereaved simply need to provide a photograph of their loved one, select the design, including the theme, colors, and text. The text can include the deceased’s name, funeral poems, or a verse from a special song that was dear to the deceased.


Candles for Funerals

Candles are always an important and unique funeral product for any memorial service, and the same is true of candles for funerals. Candles may be lighted as part of the religious aspect of the funeral, or candles may be lighted by loved ones as an act of remembrance.


Candles are symbolic of life in that the flames show the vibrancy of the soul. In some religions, lighting candles in a special vessel next to a headstone is an act of remembrance, other light a memorial candle as they say a prayer for the deceased.


The number of candles that are used during the funeral will depend on the religious affiliation of the church in which the funeral is being held. Keep in mind, whether or not the family has a religious affiliation, the number of candles that are lit in a dwelling will depend on various fire code laws. Obviously, outdoor memorials or funerals have different requirements, regulations and safety concerns.


Candles for funerals are almost always white as a symbol of remembrance and purity; however, more modern funeral candles are personalized with photographs, Scriptures, names, and dates.


Whether the funeral candle is used during a funeral or memorial service or given to family and friends as a keepsake, they can be lit on special days of remembrance and continue to give comfort to the bereaved.


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