A lit candle sitting on a table


Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral candles have been used for hundreds of years to symbolize everlasting life. They are now also a popular keepsake being personalized and used in over forty percent of funeral homes today.


A memorial keepsake is something kept, or given, in memory of a person or pet that has passed away. The keepsake can be anything really — a photograph or DVD tribute video, jewelry, an ornament, a piece of funeral stationery, or even a funeral candle. There are numerous websites that sell keepsakes to the bereaved. To enable a funeral professional to keep that business, Frazer Consultants’ advanced funeral software offers them the ability to quickly, easily, and affordably personalize keepsakes for their client families in-house.


One keepsake in particular, funeral candles, are becoming more popular. A recent study of funeral homes indicated that over forty percent of funeral homes use some sort of personalized candle at every service. This is no surprise. For hundreds of years, candles have been used at vigils, chapels of rest, funerals and crematoriums to symbolize everlasting life.


Using Frazer Consultants’ specialized funeral software, the Life Journey Celebration Candles can be personalized with words, a poem or even a picture, and given to the family or the family can give it to other service attendees as a sympathy gift.


Frazer Consultants’ Life Journey Celebration Candles are hand-made of beveled glass and have a beautiful wood base with a cherry finish. Each funeral candle is filled with 100% all-natural wax that is friendly to the environment and will burn for over 100 hours.The Life Journey Celebration Candle is extremely flexible in the ability to change the design. With a theme for every interest, hobby, occupation, and religious background available, it’s the most versatile of keepsakes. In fact, with over 500 themes to choose from and the ability to use one or multiple photos, the Life Journey Celebration Candle is the most personalized candle on the market today.


The funeral software used to create the personalized funeral candles is extremely flexible. A funeral professional can change the configuration of the templates anyway they wish so that a message can be included on the back — a prayer, poem, scripture, or famous quote. The funeral software also allows for the insertion of any custom message desired.


With the ability to personalize in-house in minutes and the ability to generate additional revenue, the Life Journey Celebration funeral candle is an excellent keepsake to offer the families you serve. As a suggestion, you can package the first candle with your overall funeral package (or stationery package), and then sell reorders. On average, each funeral home will have two or three reorders per family.


Client families can also coordinate their funeral candle theme to the Life Journey Celebration Stationery, available to funeral professionals by using Tribute Center funeral software. The funeral stationery can be customized in-house and is printed from blank stock. It includes register books, memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgments, bookmarks, program folders, tri-folds, a sign for visitation, and DVD packaging.


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