A woman looking at holiday decorations.


Written by Matt Frazer


A special type of holiday ornaments are remembrance ornaments. These memorial keepsakes inspire peace amongst the bereaved and are created to honor and remember loved ones who have died. Usually a remembrance ornament is given to mourners during the holiday season following the death of a loved one; however, there is no set timeframe for giving this wonderful keepsake. Whether a client family is honoring a loved one who has passed ten years ago or one year ago, a holiday remembrance ornament is an ideal memorial gift.


Funeral professionals can hold a holiday remembrance program and either invite anyone in the community who has experienced a loss or only invite the client families they have served throughout the year. People who attend a holiday remembrance program have said that they have benefited from attending such a service in that it has helped them get through the holidays after experiencing loss.


It has been noted that these keepsake ornaments can especially helpful in bringing children a bit of peace during the holidays. As the child places the remembrance ornament on his or her tree, to inspire hope to someone facing an illness or remember a loved one or beloved pet who has died.


In addition to presenting a keepsake ornament to a family during a holiday remembrance program, there are other opportunities to present an ornament to a family in mourning. For example, they can be presented as a simple token of appreciation for choosing your funeral home or in connection with pre-planning or aftercare services.


Remembrance ornaments which have been designed by Frazer Consultants are of the highest quality and beauty. They are hand-blown glass and tipped with 22k gold. These unique keepsakes can be personalized in-house using a funeral software program that includes easy to follow directions, adhesive decals, and pre-formatted software templates. Once the decals are in the printer, the funeral software guides the funeral professional through the inputting of information and the printing. The name and dates of the deceased or any other text you wish to include can be added to the keepsake using the funeral software. Once printed the personalized decal is then affixed to the funeral keepsake.


The software template, labels, and unlimited technical support are provided free of charge with every ornament order. In addition, each ornament comes in an individual gift box for presentation to the family and safekeeping.


The holidays are especially hard for those who have lost a loved one. The simple act of being able to celebrate their life and remember them each year around the holidays is a wonderful form of psychological release. Placing the remembrance ornament on the tree enables the family to take a moment out of their daily life and other holiday celebrations to honor those who have passed. They are a wonderful keepsake to simply say “I remember.”


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