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Written by Matt Frazer


Memorial keepsakes, reminders of a person who has passed on, can be custom-made or pre-made personalized items. Share them with others to commemorate the life of someone you loved.


Just about everyone has a keepsake or two. The ticket stubs from a first-date movie, a dried prom corsage, a wedding program, a special greeting card that touched you — anything that reminds you of a particular time or person becomes a keepsake when you preserve and cherish it.


Memorial keepsakes are also intended to remind you of a person, someone you loved who has passed on. They can be displayed during a viewing or funeral service, and kept, used and valued afterward.


How to Personalize Keepsakes

These commemorative items are especially meaningful when they’re personalized, imprinted with photos, favorite quotes, poems, sacred verses or even song lyrics, and the birth and death dates of your loved one.


You can choose anything you like to use and share as a memorial keepsake. Some items are especially popular, chosen for qualities that make them appropriate to use during a funeral service. Funeral candles lend a soft glow to the service, their flickering light symbolizing both the life that was lived and the hope of eternal life to come. They lend themselves to memorial celebrations, as well; their lighting on the anniversary of a death lends a solemn dignity and a sense of occasion to mark the passage of time.


Other items are appealing because of their small size and their function, making them ideal to distribute to family members and friends as mementos. Remembrance ornaments, for example, are designed to be used year after year, bringing your loved one to mind during joyous celebrations.


You might also choose to personalize funeral stationery items to use as memorial keepsakes. Using the latest software, funeral professionals can create memorial keepsakes such as bookmarks and prayer cards that will keep your loved one in mind. Funeral directors might also offer high tech personalization keepsakes such as a DVD tribute videos. Using software designed to scan photos and add text, music and videos into a beautiful tribute — these videos are the latest in memorial keepsakes.


You can coordinate your keepsakes with other personalized items such as your register book, funeral programs and thank-you cards. If you’ve chosen a photo you love to use on those items, carry it over to the little gifts you want to give to family and friends. Keep things simple by using one theme for everything.


If you prefer, though, you can choose a different photo, theme and text for each item you personalize. Make your keepsakes completely different from the rest of the funeral items, for example, by choosing a casual photo and a favorite quote. As they’re used in day-to-day life, they’ll be loving reminders of a special person.


If you’re planning to use your memorial keepsakes for an anniversary celebration, choose text that will be appropriate for the occasion, perhaps a poem that offers perspective on life after your loss or a favorite brief story about the person you loved that illustrates his personality or character. Preserving these items and using them each year on the anniversary date can help you to commemorate the occasion, mark the passage of time and perhaps even accept the fact of your loss.


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