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Written by Matt Frazer


Videos bring back memories of the happy times and special occasions of your life. When you assemble a funeral Tribute Video, you celebrate the life of someone you loved.


Watching home movies is usually a pleasant experience. You see the people you love as they were on the day of a special occasion such as a wedding or a graduation, or as they went about their day-to-day lives, captured on the spur of the moment by the family photography enthusiast. You hear their voices, their laughter, sometimes even their singing. For a little while, you feel as if you’re right there with them.


Perhaps that’s why it’s so comforting to watch videos of a person who has recently passed away. Once again, you have the opportunity to hear her voice, to see that familiar expression you loved so well, to watch her as she posed for the camera or was caught in a candid moment.


Assembling a Tribute Video to capture the life of your loved one can be comforting in itself. As you sort through photos and videos, you relive happy memories and recall the occasions on which they were taken. You see a person in many settings: at home, on vacation, standing beside a bride or groom, holding a child’s hand on the first day of school. And although you might be keenly aware of your loss, you’re also reminded of the many wonderful times you shared.


Tribute Videos are a wonderful way to share those times with others, as well. During such a difficult time, seeing photos and videos of someone who was loved, admired, respected and cherished can be a comforting experience for everyone. The videos not only allow them to hear a familiar voice and see a much-loved face, they lead to conversations about the times being depicted. Stories are recalled and shared. Favorite jokes are told. Healing tears and laughter are more easily released.


You’ll even be able to add music to your video. Music can be even more evocative of a person than a picture, recalling a day or even a moment as soon as you hear it. Choose one special song as a background for your video, letting it play continuously, or choose several songs that will play while your photos are displayed in a slideshow. After you choose the photos, video clips and music, you can ask your funeral professional to use a funeral software program that makes it easy to assemble the video and get it just the way you want it.


As you watch the video tribute years later, you’ll certainly be grateful that your funeral director took the time to and effort to create it for you.


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