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Written by Matt Frazer


A Tribute Video — a collection of photos, music and video clips — celebrates a life recently ended with very special memories. Your funeral professional can assemble it using funeral software that simplifies scanning pictures and adding music and video.


During the difficult days leading up to a funeral, your memories comfort and sustain you. Share those memories by having a Tribute Video created.


With the specialized software available today, it’s easy for your funeral professional to scan your photos, edit them and assemble them into a very personal video that celebrates your loved one. Some software offers the option of a short, movie-like opening and closing. Other openings are static and slide-like. You can opt to personalize either type with a name, birth date, and date of death.


After choosing and personalizing the opening, the funeral professional will begin selecting photos to include in a slideshow. Arranging them in any order you like. Chronologically, your photos show a life unfolding as it was lived, with all the milestone events such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, vacations, and retirements. Between the milestones, you’ll see some of the everyday moments you just happened to capture on film, those times that convey the essence of a life so perfectly.


Funeral software that allows your funeral professional to include video clips can add even more meaning to your presentation. Hearing the voice you loved and seeing the scenes that were recorded during happy moments can comfort you immeasurably. Advanced software provides cinematic quality video clips of different themes from a golf course, to a farm or a stroll through a garden. Adding these personal touches will help make the tribute more personal and a more fitting tribute to your loved one.


You’ll also have the option of adding music to your Tribute Video. Because music leaves such a powerful imprint on our memories, it can bring back an occasion or even an instant like nothing else. The songs of a person’s youth recall the way he looked, dressed and acted. The music he listened to in his car, the melodies that were played at his wedding, even the songs he sang in the shower can evoke very strong impressions of the person he was. Combined with the photos you’ve selected, it will enrich and enhance the presentation.


The closing of your Tribute Video, whether you choose another slide or a movie ending, will also help to bring closure to those viewing it. Watching the forward motion of a life, from beginning to inevitable end, helps mourners to acknowledge the fact that it is now over. Along with the happy and loving thoughts they might have while watching the Tribute Video, they also feel sadness and perhaps even cry. Grief, which can be so overwhelming, is accompanied by comforting memories and physical reminders of the person they can no longer see, touch or hear. They will be reminded that their memories are always available to them, whether in their thoughts or in your presentation.


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