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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral programs give mourners details about the funeral service. They also can be a very personal tribute to your loved one, with photos and text you choose yourself.


With software designed to allow customization of funeral stationery, they can now be meaningful mementos, as well.


With the trend toward personalization in all aspects of the services offered by funeral directors, an item as essential as the funeral program should be no exception. The program is the final opportunity your client families have during the funeral experience to express their thoughts about their loved one’s life. It provides one more place for them to display favorite photos and add personal quotes, poems, and scripture verses. Along with the order of service and details about speakers and officiants, it offers mourners one more connection with the life that ended so recently.


A funeral program can be designed in several ways. Arranged on a single sheet of cardstock folded in half, it provides space for a photo on the front, the essential details of the service inside, and, on the back, a brief list of the milestones in the deceased’s life. This style, called a bi-fold, allows you to add more pages in book-like fashion, so that more photos, readings, and quotes can accompany the funeral service information.


A tri-fold program uses a longer piece of cardstock and is folded, as the name implies, in thirds. This style of funeral stationery allows you to separate information into six sections, which can be useful if the client wants to add a photo collage to one panel, a poem to a second, a life tribute to a third, and so on. You can fold this same size sheet of cardstock as a bi-fold, but allow several inches on the back edge to fold to the inside, forming an eye-catching area where a solid band of color highlights a quote or a photo. This area is only visible when the program is opened.


Along with folding options, the software you choose should allow you to offer a selection of themes to your clients. Ideally, the theme printed on the funeral program will coordinate with the rest of the funeral stationery. Occupations, interests, and hobbies are all possibilities as themes, which add one more personal touch to this final tribute. When you add the deceased’s name, photo, personal quotes, favorite poem or song lyric and details of their life, the program becomes a keepsake for those in attendance, and a thoughtful way to include those who weren’t able to attend.


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