A lit candle sitting on a table


Written by Matt Frazer


Memorial candles are another item that will add personalization to your client’s experience. Coordinate them with other funeral stationery for a lasting tribute.


Memorial candles add light and warmth to funeral and memorial services. Make them very personal by adding photos, quotes, and other text, and they’ll be a valuable addition to the other services you offer.


The soft glow of candles can be comforting. When lit during a funeral service, candles also symbolize life, the physical life that just ended and the hope for the life that continues. With their long association with religious rituals, as well as their popularity for everyday use, candles are an ideal way to memorialize a loved one.


Although plain, unadorned candles add beauty to a funeral service immediately when they are lit, memorial candles add an extra dimension. When you add a photo of the deceased, a favorite quote, a poem or a scripture passage, the funeral candle becomes a source of comfort and inspiration in and of itself. Mourners may look at it, unlit, and see the light of the person being honored. It becomes a keepsake that will be displayed long after the service is over.


With software designed to print paper inserts for glass panels that surround a candle, it’s possible to add a different photo to each of the four sides, alternate photos and text, or print one insert with a photo and the remaining three with poetry, quotations, and favorite verses. When you customize other funeral stationery, you can tie in the memorial candle by using the same theme.


The software you choose should offer you a number of themes for personalization so that your clients can choose from hobbies, interests, or occupations to honor the life of their loved one. By adding such detail to the candle, you create a very meaningful display that will be seen by mourners at the funeral and cherished by the client afterward.


Memorial candles also are very thoughtful gifts for family members or friends who were unable to attend the funeral service or those who want a very special memento honoring the person they loved. It’s possible to create a unique candle for each person, using different photos and text. The software makes it a simple matter to remove the images and text you used for one candle and insert different ones to make a completely new candle. Although you’ll probably get requests for the very same design as the original you created, you’ll be able to offer that extra touch that sets your service apart from everyone else’s.


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