A blue book on grief sits on top of a table.


Written by Matt Frazer


Personalized register books add photos and text to what was once an impersonal item. Use a theme to coordinate register books with other funeral stationery.


You’ve always provided register books for your clients’ friends and families to sign, and they were fairly standard and impersonal. Now you can create theme-based, very personal register books that will be more meaningful for your clients.


In the past, you ordered funeral register books from a stationery company and stored them at your place of business. They were all the same and, although they were a valuable addition to the services you offered, giving your clients a record of visitors and perhaps an order of service, they were all the same. But with the advent of software that allows you to personalize stationery to suit each client’s needs, register books are no longer plain and simple.


With this software, you can create register books with a theme that matches the rest of the funeral stationery. Your client can choose from themes representing a loved one’s occupation, hobbies and interests, and add a photo to the front cover. The blank-stock pages are all you need; all you have to do is place them in your printer, choose the theme, scan in a photo and add text.


Each book is assembled as you print it. It’s a simple matter to add extra pages if necessary, but you won’t waste sheets of blank stock that aren’t needed. It’s also easy to customize the headings on each page. For example, print pages just for family members or friends to sign and add a quotation or a scripture verse at the top of each page.


The book covers are available in more colors and designs than in the past. Black is still popular, of course, but you can offer white, tan, or pastel colors for children. You’ll also have a larger choice of textures, with fabric or fabric and leather combinations adding more interest to the outside design.


Personalizing funeral stationery not only adds another way for your clients to express an aspect of the life they’re celebrating. It shows them that you’re willing to take the time to design and print the items they want, in exactly the way they want them. It adds another layer of service to your business and highlights your attention to detail and your wish to get everything just right. It’s another means of increasing your profits, of course, but above all, it increases your reputation as a funeral director who offers meaningful services of outstanding quality.


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