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Written by Matt Frazer


If you’re a funeral director who has never considered funeral webcasting, there are a number of reasons why you should. Not only will you offer a valuable service to your clients; you’ll also increase your income.


You might have reservations about the whole idea of a webcast. Perhaps you’re uncomfortable with computers and technology, or maybe you dislike the idea of broadcasting a funeral service over the internet. You might think there isn’t a need for this service and that not many people would take advantage of it if you did offer it. In short, you feel it’s just more trouble than it’s worth.


That’s where you’re wrong. As people have grown more accustomed to using the internet, seeing videos of just about everything posted on YouTube and other sites, they’ve also become less resistant to the idea of viewing a funeral online. If they thought about it at all, that is. Unless they’ve been involved in planning a funeral or have attended one lately, it’s likely that a majority of people have never even heard about the newest service offered by funeral directors. But that isn’t to say they won’t be interested in it when they do attend or plan a funeral. They’re liable to be very interested, and to appreciate and value this extra service if it’s offered. They’re already comfortable with technology, and they’ll see the benefits to their family members and friends.


But maybe you aren’t computer savvy, or you don’t have the equipment to do a funeral webcast. You could spend many hours researching cameras and microphones, learning how to set up a website and how to webcast, looking for software that will let you do webcasts, and other software so that your clients can send invitations to their family members and friends, set password protections, and archive the funeral service.


You could also connect with a company that offers funeral webcasting services. This company would advise you about cameras and other equipment, help you to set it up, provide software, and show you how to use it. They send your funeral webcast to a network of servers so that it’s viewable all over the world. They’ll show you how to archive funeral services so that your clients can view them at any time. They also offer technical support for those times when you have a problem and don’t know how to solve it.


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