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Written by Matt Frazer


If you’ve ever missed a funeral service because you were too far away, ill, or couldn’t take time off work, you know how upsetting such a situation can be. Funeral webcasting provides a solution to this problem, allowing you to share in the funeral service from wherever in the world you happen to be.


Funeral webcasts are becoming more popular as funeral directors offer them in conjunction with their other services. You can notify distant family members and friends that the funeral will be webcast, and let them know the password for them to enter the website. Password-protecting the event ensures that you’ll maintain the privacy and dignity of the proceedings without unintended viewing by casual web surfers. You also can decide who is notified, helping to eliminate potentially uncomfortable situations that are often unavoidable when you’re dealing with in-person attendees.


Although you might think that sending a funeral service over the internet isn’t something you’d want to do, consider the benefits for your family members and friends. Sometimes, although they’re too embarrassed to admit it, they just can’t afford to travel a long distance to attend a funeral.


By offering them the opportunity to attend virtually, you relieve two problems: their embarrassment and their chagrin at missing the service. The webcasting cameras are positioned to give viewers the same perspective as those who are attending in person. They’ll be able to see the same sights as everyone else and hear the speakers’ words. Imagine seeing a distant family member appear on a screen during the funeral service. Think about the impact of being able to hear the eulogy that person is delivering, even though you couldn’t be there in person.


After the service, the funeral webcast is archived so that anyone you’ve notified will be able to view it, at any time. You decide how long it remains in the archives, whether it’s 90 days or several years, giving everyone who might have missed the original webcast an opportunity to see it.


You also can watch it yourself, which might be one of the greatest benefits of having a record of a funeral service. Hearing the moving testimonies of those who knew and loved the person you’re mourning can be a great comfort. Although you might not have been able to take them in during the actual funeral, you can listen to them again, hearing them perhaps for the first time.


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