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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral software that allows you to customize funeral stationery helps you to serve your clients personally and creatively. Coordinate everything from the register book to the thank-you cards with a meaningful theme, photos, and text.


You don’t have to offer your client families the same funeral stationery items that everyone else is using. With software designed to allow you to customize funeral register books, prayer cards, and other items, you’ll have the ability to create personalized products for your clients.


You won’t need a lot of technical know-how to make theme-based stationery for your funeral home’s clients. With software and a printer that turns out high-quality photos, you can easily add pictures, images, and text to items that were once standard and plain. Given the trend toward more personalization in funerals — from the overall experience during the visitation and viewing to the service itself — it makes sense to offer customized register books, memorial folders, order-of-service programs, prayer cards, and specialty gifts.


When you choose a funeral software program, be sure it allows you to add a theme as well as photos and text. With this option, families can choose to enrich the visual display with a theme appropriate to the person’s life. Let them choose an occupation, a favorite hobby, or an interest that represents an important part of their loved one’s life. Carry the theme over onto all of the funeral stationery items to create a cohesive display, or allow the family to choose several themes. Print one theme on each kind of item, or print the same type of item with several themes to emphasize the person’s range of interests and abilities. The software makes it a simple matter to change themes and insert different photos for each item.


With the increasing number of products available for personalization, you’ll be able to offer your clients additional items to complement the funeral register book, prayer cards, and thank-you cards. Memorial candles, which feature printed inserts that can be personalized with photos and text, add a lovely touch to the funeral service or viewing. They also can serve as meaningful mementos for family members who were unable to attend the service. Memorial folders can serve as programs or as orders of service for the funeral. Print them to match the other stationery, or create a completely new theme expressly for the service. Tie in the eulogy with photos that illustrate it, and add the text of favorite hymns or religious passages.


Software makes it possible for you to serve your client families creatively and very personally, adding even more meaning to the tribute they are paying to their loved one.


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