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Written by Matt Frazer


Add a special touch to a loved one’s memorial with a Tribute Video. Gather photographs and decide upon the right music, then have your funeral professional put them together to make a DVD for mourners, family, friends, and visitors to view.


With access to photo scanners and computers with DVD-burning capabilities, more and more funeral professional are assembling Tribute Videos to show at funeral services and during visitation hours at funeral homes. Tribute Video software available to funeral professionals enables them to use family photos, videos, and special music to create Tribute Videos of professional quality in-house for the families they serve. These audio/visual presentations will have a major impact on everyone who watches them.


Begin by selecting as many photographs as you like. Choose ones that best represent the life you’re commemorating. Organize them by date, or group them according to events. Show the everyday, casual snapshots together — then display the special occasion, formal photographs. Or begin with baby pictures and progress through school pictures, right up to graduation shots, followed by major life events in order of their occurrence. Remember, whatever you decide upon, there are no right or wrong decisions.


Have your funeral professional add your photos to the Tribute Video software. Utilizing special features such as fade in/fade out, your photos will come to life through graceful transitions from one photo to the next. After you select the music you wish to add to the Tribute Video, your funeral professional can upload that to sync flawlessly with the video as well. The latest video software is intuitive enough to perfectly time the slideshow and match the length of the music to the duration of the photo display.


Additionally, the most robust Tribute Video software will come complete with a wide selection of both popular songs and specially-created funeral music. Many bereaved select favorite songs that were a part of their loved one’s life; however, the choices are unlimited. Again, the decision is yours.


After your funeral professional finishes compiling your Tribute Video, it can be burned to a DVD. Again, using the Tribute Video software the funeral professional can print covers for the DVD cases, inserting one of the photos you used in the DVD Tribute Video and typing a caption such as “DVD Tribute Video” followed by the name, birth and death dates, and a favorite quotation.


Ask your funeral director if they have access to Tribute Video creation software which has been expressly designed for the funeral profession. It will offer the ability to coordinate the personalized theme of the Tribute Video with other funeral stationery which also can be created in-house by your funeral professional utilizing an all-in-one funeral software.


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