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Written by Matt Frazer


DVD Tribute Videos are becoming a popular way to memorialize a loved one who has passed. Client families want to include a Tribute Video as part of the funeral or memorial service. They also wish to have these memorial tributes created so that they can watch them after the services are over as they work through their grief.


Client families are seeking out companies via the internet or are attempting to create these Tribute Videos themselves. Often their funeral professional has not made the service available to them. If your funeral home is not currently offering DVD Tribute Videos, here are four compelling reasons to rethink that choice.


1. Tribute Videos Fill a Need

Tribute Videos help a client family tell the story of their loved one’s life and relive cherished memories. They allow families to leave a legacy and connect generations by preserving memories and events. More and more client families are tech-savvy and have seen Tribute Videos online or at a funeral service. While many would like to have a DVD Tribute Video created for their loved one and may know how to make one themselves, during this stressful time they need someone to take the reins and relieve the burden. Providing a world-class professional tribute, one that far exceeds the quality of a homemade version, will ingrain you and your funeral home in their lives each and every time they watch the DVD Tribute Video.


2. Tribute Videos Are Easy to Create

Outsourcing a Tribute Video can be a nightmare to coordinate and to find a trustworthy company that won’t let you down. Thankfully, in-house funeral software has come a long way. Tribute Video software has been developed that allows a funeral professional to create a professional, high-quality Tribute Video in-house in just three simple steps. You simply import the photos, edit the copy, music and motion effects, and burn the completed video to a DVD. The menu-driven application guides you through the entire process. In minutes you’ll have created a stunning Tribute Video that will amaze the families you serve. Plus, the online tribute player allows you to upload your video to the web and link it to your website. Client families can direct friends and families to your website to view the Tribute Video.


3. Tribute Video Software Features Cutting Edge Technology

The quality of a DVD Tribute Video created in-house by a funeral professional utilizing today’s robust funeral software is unmatched. With the invention of high-speed scanning technology, funeral professionals can now scan one photo every two seconds, making the creation process a breeze. At the click of a button, innovative Tribute Video software can also bring life to each photo with motion effects, transitions, music, and a stunning DVD menu. Every day, thousands of funeral professionals rely on Tribute Video funeral software because of the state-of-the-art technology it provides and the results it delivers.


4. Tribute Videos Are a Value Added Service

Tribute Video software has been designed specifically for the funeral profession. Because of this, for funeral professionals, creating an in-house Tribute Video is simple and affordable. Tribute Video software available today has no long-term contracts, no upfront costs, no equipment to buy, and no support fees required. With a simple pay-as-you-go system, you can create an unlimited number of professional quality Tribute Videos in-house quickly and easily. The quality is competitive with professional video tribute services, yet costs you and the family a fraction of the price. And, the value-added service you are providing is priceless.


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