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Written by Matt Frazer


Don’t let a static, passive website keep you at the bottom of search engine results. Build your online reputation as you increase services to your clients with interactive website features.


Today’s funeral home websites offer features that keep clients returning, sharing links with others, and creating awareness of your brand. It’s vital that you take advantage of the latest in web design to keep your business on the leading edge.


Funeral home websites are no longer just a source of information for people browsing the web. A static website with no interactive features might impart the basics about your funeral home, but it does nothing to engage visitors or make them want to return. On the other hand, a website that offers a place to view a Tribute Video, share comments with others, notify them of funeral service details, and even leave audio and video guestbook messages, is a website that will keep visitors coming back.


Given the nature of online marketing, where linking to other, valid websites is one way to attract and keep the attention of search engines, it makes sense to offer your clients a way to share links to your website with family members and friends. Not only is it good business to increase the number and variety of services you offer, it’s good business to let those services work for you by increasing your online presence.


Perhaps you haven’t changed your website’s design because it was a headache to set it up in the first place. Or maybe you just aren’t aware of all the new features available that will increase your clients’ satisfaction and help to establish your reputation online. By consulting a company that specializes in funeral home website design, you’ll learn about all of the options available to customize your website.


Custom-designed sites can incorporate just about any photo, branding, and features you select. You’ll be able to add notifications to clients when you post obituaries and visitation and funeral service details, and include maps to your business and other locations such as places of worship and cemeteries, and even preview merchandise with a showroom feature. You’ll be able to manage your own content, and let the website design company manage your domain registration and search engine optimization.


Whether you’re looking to enhance your current website or are just getting started online, funeral home website consultants can help you register a domain name or manage an existing one. They also will be able to create a new website that is a simple, intuitive, and interactive experience for the families you serve. Your funeral home personnel and service offerings are unique, shouldn’t your funeral home website reflect those qualities?


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