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Written by Matt Frazer


DVD Tribute Videos are becoming a popular way to celebrate the life of a person who has recently passed away. A collection of pictures, and perhaps even a video clip, is accompanied by meaningful music and shown during the funeral service or visitation hours at the funeral home.


If you’re like most people, you have boxes full of photographs commemorating the events of your life, big and small. Birthday parties, bringing a newborn home, vacations, weddings, graduations, family picnics and snapshots you took on impulse. When you look at them, you remember the occasions in detail. You see the person you loved in familiar settings, on vacations, and taking part in special events. But you not only see the images, you also remember how you felt. Happy memories wash over you in warm waves.


When you lose someone you love, looking at those pictures can bring you great comfort. Hearing music that you listened to together opens the door to even more memories of experiences you shared with the person who is now gone.

Putting a Tribute Video Together

Bringing the pictures and music together and having them assembled in a DVD Tribute Video is a very special way to celebrate your loved one’s life. Choose 30 or 40 pictures that represent the essence of that life. Arrange them chronologically, or group them by occasion. Looking at a series of birthday party pictures, for example, can be a poignant way to witness the passage of time. Select the photos that are the most meaningful expression of the person who has passed away, photos that show them receiving an award, deep-sea fishing, at work, or whatever captures the spirit of their life.


Add music that played during the most meaningful times of their life. A song they sang at a talent show, their favorite hymn, a lullaby they hummed to her children, the music to which they walked down the aisle at their wedding. Think about a lasting Tribute Video that you’ll watch repeatedly, not just during the funeral service, and choose music that they’d have listened to and loved themselves.


After you’ve chosen the photographs and music that best represent the life you’re celebrating, have your funeral professional help you create a DVD Tribute Video by adding the images to a software program. Many funeral homes offer to create Tribute Videos as bereaved families often feel too overwhelmed to attempt to create one themselves. Additionally, the Tribute Video software available to funeral professionals enables families to create a cinematic quality memorial video, one that will surely be a fitting tribute to your loved one. Be sure to ask your funeral director if they offer this very special service.


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