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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral webcasting is cutting edge technology which allows client families, in a private and secure manner, to view a memorial service over the internet. The mourner can view the memorial live as it is happening or delayed. If the service is being held at a time that conflicts with other obligations, the mourners can view the service at a later point in time when it is more convenient.


Coping with the emotions of a loved one passing away is difficult, at best. Many bereaved also are coping with the stress of knowing they simply can’t attend the service due to an illness, or they may be struggling financially. Military personnel overseas are often unable to leave their post or are too far away to make it back home in time for the funeral. Work and family obligations can hold people back from attending a service as well. Should it be impossible to attend a memorial service, funeral webcasting is a wonderful solution. Attending a funeral via a funeral webcast promotes healing and provides a means to attend a service for those who would have otherwise not been able to be present.


Attending a funeral service provides closure. For some, seeing the deceased, the casket, and interacting with other mourners allows the bereaved to embrace the finality of it all. Hearing words of comfort, listening to a story about their loved one, or just seeing family via a funeral webcast can be healing. Sometimes without this closure, the grieving process can be stalled.


Paying last respects to a friend or family member can mean so much to the grieving. With funeral webcasting, although the mourners are not physically able to be there for the memorial service, they can still be a part of the service. Viewing from the comfort of their own home, the bereaved can access a secure server with the proper authentication. The funeral webcast will capture the service not only visually, but any music, eulogies, prayers or memories that are shared during the memorial service will be able to be heard as they are picked up by the funeral webcasting equipment. If a mourner chooses, he or she can rewatch the funeral at a later point in time as well.


Like other technologies, funeral software is advancing to meet the needs of client families and provide funeral solutions some never thought possible. Today, funeral webcasting is becoming more mainstream as funeral professionals embrace this new funeral technology to provide revolutionary solutions to the families they serve.


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