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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral webcasting is changing the lives of funeral professionals and client families. As more and more client families view a funeral webcast for the first time or hear of the new technology, it is becoming more requested and mainstream.


As a funeral professional, you can get ahead of the curve and the competition by implementing this new technology. Embracing the latest funeral software and solutions to meet the needs of the families you serve will instill a place in their lives and in their future funeral plans.


For client families who can’t attend a funeral service due to illness, the high cost of travel expenses, military service, work, or family obligations, funeral webcasting is a suitable solution. The mourners can view the service, hear the eulogy and music, and be able to attend the service virtually. This alternative, while not be the same as being there and being able to embrace family and friends, is a proper solution for those that find themselves isolated from the event.


Funeral webcasting allows client families, through a secure and private server, to view a memorial service via a live or delayed webcast streamed through the internet. If the service is being held at a time that conflicts with other obligations, the mourners can view the service at a time that is more convenient for them.


Benefits for a Funeral Director

For the funeral professional, funeral webcasting allows them to offer client families a unique solution to a stressful situation. Providing the latest funeral technology, the funeral professional is not only filling a need, but staying ahead of the competition. A bereaved family will remember the funeral director who helped their son who is on active duty with the Marines attend his grandmother’s funeral when it was physically impossible to return home in time.


The fact that funeral webcasting can allow the funeral professional to increase client family satisfaction as he or she increases profitability makes this new funeral technology something to seriously consider implementing. Providing new solutions that make a difference in a family’s life and in how they celebrate the life of a loved one is key to being proactively competitive.


With a few pieces of camera equipment, a laptop or desktop computer, and an internet connection, a funeral professional is just about ready to get started with their first webcast. Partnering with a funeral technology company that can provide the most reliable, high-quality funeral webcast at a low start-up price is ideal.


As a funeral professional, remain on the forefront of the funeral profession and implement funeral webcasting at your funeral home. The high profit margin and high satisfaction ratings alone will let you know you made the right decision.


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