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Written by Matt Frazer


Quick! What do you think of when you hear the words funeral webcasting, Tribute Videos, and personalized stationery? Did you just groan to yourself? Are these daily tasks ones that you’d simply like to avoid altogether but are necessary chores to effectively running your funeral home?


Together, these three things can either enhance your funeral homes services and your profits, or they can be time-consuming chores that must be completed — hopefully by someone other than yourself.


As we all know, personalization is key for today’s funeral service. Client families are more in touch with the options available and are shopping on the internet for everything from caskets to Tribute Videos and funeral stationery. Providing client families with the latest funeral personalization options and funeral technology is a must. Offering funeral webcasting, creating DVD Tribute Videos in-house for your families, and providing hundreds of funeral stationery options that allow the family to create the most fitting tribute to their loved one will ensure they give you, their funeral director, all of their business.


No longer is it just assumed the funeral home will be the one to provide the funeral stationery and other ancillary funeral items and services. Boomers and younger generations are making funeral arrangements now and they are savvy. Keeping up with the technology and the personalization options nowadays not only means keeping up with the competition down the street but all of the companies accessible on the internet. That’s quite a feat.


So how do you, as a busy funeral professional, keep up with the latest personalization options and the technology demands of client families? Thousands of funeral professionals have already discovered a personalization, technology, and consulting company for the funeral profession that is known for its reliable, high-performing technologies and personalization solutions for the funeral profession. That company is Frazer Consultants. We have streamlined the technology and packaged the funeral personalization options into an all-in-one suite that is the most robust and complete funeral software available.


We continually update and enhance our technology so you, the funeral professional, can spend more time with families and focus on other more important daily activities. Our all-in-one funeral software suite is a feature-rich solution that includes not only funeral webcasting, but cinematic-quality DVD Tribute Videos and more than 450 coordinating themes of funeral stationery to assist your families in their life celebration. Each theme includes a layout for a funeral register book, memorial folder, prayer card, acknowledgment, bookmark, sign, DVD packaging, and a candle.


With Frazer Consultants’ all-in-one suite Tribute Center and just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create a completely personalized service in-house. Your families will get what they want — the ultimate in funeral personalization — and you’ll get what you need, a solution that’s easy, quick, and affordable.


Our primary products and services include interactive funeral home website design, funeral Tribute Video software, funeral webcasting, funeral candles, funeral keepsakes, funeral register books, personalized funeral stationery, and holiday remembrance ornaments. For more information, please call 866-372-9372 or fill out the form below.