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Written by Matt Frazer


Finding the perfect personalization for funeral stationery has just become more convenient and easier with Frazer Consultants’ innovative Tribute Center Online Theme Viewer.


This new feature makes finding the most fitting funeral stationery theme convenient for a client family and easy for the funeral professional.


Today, families are looking for new ways to personalize their loved one’s funeral and memorial services. Because of this, Frazer Consultants has taken personalized funeral stationery to another level. Now funeral professionals are able to create everything from register book to prayer cards, funeral programs, and more — in-house and in the most personalized way. With more than 500 professionally-produced themes for personalized funeral stationery to choose from, families can now utilize the new Tribute Center Online Theme Viewer to find the perfect theme representing the interest, hobby, or religious background of a loved one who has passed. Previously, the family would search through a printed catalog.


“With over 500 funeral stationery themes to choose from and more being added every day, keeping an up-to-date catalog just isn’t possible,” said Matt Frazer, president of Frazer Consultants.  “While new theme catalogs are on the way, Frazer Consultants has created an online resource making it easy to find a theme client families will love.”


Frazer Consultants has also enabled the funeral professional to place a link on the funeral home’s website directly to the theme viewer. Several different-sized banner ads featuring the catchphrase “We Make Personalization a Priority” have been created for easy uploading to a website. Once the link has been included on the funeral home’s website, the funeral director can inform his or her client families to visit the link.


“Adding the Tribute Center Online Theme Viewer link to your website is not only more convenient for the funeral professionals, it shows new families how important personalization is to your funeral home,” added Frazer.


From the comfort and convenience of their own home, a client family can access the Tribute Center Online Theme Viewer to choose the most fitting funeral stationery theme. A keyword search option allows them to drill down their choices using one or more keywords to make sorting through the hundreds of available themes even easier. Once their selection has been made, they simply notify their funeral director of their choice and the register books, funeral programs, prayer cards and other funeral stationery can then be printed by the funeral professional in-house utilizing Frazer Consultants’ robust Tribute Center funeral software.


To start personalizing your Tribute Videos and other memorial keepsakes, download Tribute Center today!