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Written by Matt Frazer


Having created the most advanced and complete funeral personalization software, Frazer Consultants continues to make updates to our Tribute Center all-in-one suite of funeral personalization software to remain on the cutting edge. Several updates recently were implemented to further enhance this personalization tool for funeral professionals.


Here at Frazer Consultants, we are continually working to improve and add additional features to Tribute Center. With a goal of providing the latest tools and most advanced funeral technology and software for funeral professionals and their client families, more updates were recently made to this already robust software.


Data Importing

As part of this recent update, Frazer Consultants has added an additional feature, the funeral home management import. With this new option, it is now possible to import data from SRS.net. Setting up the management import on your system is easy — simply give us a call at 866-372-9372 and we will walk you through the process.


Adding More Pages to Register Books

Each client family is different, and each funeral is as well. That’s why Tribute Center allows the funeral professional to add more pages to a register book if need be. Previously, this feature was controlled in the default settings. Making changes would mean that future register books would have that set number of pages as well. However, in the latest funeral software upgrade, Frazer Consultants’ programmers have included an “add more pages” screen that will only add more pages for that specific register book. If you want to change the default page setting for all future tributes, this can be managed in the “manage page sets” screen.


Scanner & Printer Options

Tribute Center is now compatible with all types of scanners, which enable the funeral professional to scan either black and white or full-color photos for use with the personalized funeral stationery. Previously, some scanners’ incompatibility interfered with the scanning of color images. Now, no matter what type of scanner, the images come out perfect. Additionally, after detecting a printing bug, our latest update to the Tribute Center corrects an issue with printer setting options. Since the implementation of this update, once these options are set, the program retains those settings for future print jobs.


New Download Technology

No matter what your internet connection speed, funeral professionals can download new themes perfectly every time thanks to the latest Tribute Center update. The new download technology ensures that each time you want to download a new theme, it will easily be accessed and sent to your computer — perfectly, every time.


Importing Photos

Often, funeral professionals have image files with the same name that they want to import into the funeral software to create the personalized funeral stationery. Previously, it was not possible to import photos unless the duplicate name file was renamed. With the release of this latest update, we enhanced our programming and same-name images can now be imported without a hitch.


To see Tribute Center in action, download it for free by clicking here