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Written by Matt Frazer


Creating a funeral home website that provides an interactive experience for visitors is key to increasing return visits to the website. By posting not only obituaries but also Tribute Videos on the funeral homes website visitor engagement increases as do return visits.


Many people visit a funeral home website to view an obituary of a loved one, friend or co-worker. They come to the website looking for information as to when the visitation hours will be held and to learn what time the funeral service will start. With the latest advancements in technology, Frazer Consultants can provide another reason for these visitors to come to your website — again and again.


When a Tribute Video is uploaded to a funeral home’s website, it has been proven that visitors to the site will definitely watch them. There is something about a Tribute Video that captivates the viewer and offers a very powerful and emotionally healing tool for the bereaved. They engage viewers in a way that no written content can. When done right, video tributes will grab the viewers attention, and provide them with an audio-visual reminder of a loved one’s life and what made them unique.


Many viewers of the Tribute Video will wish to purchase DVD copies once they view it online or see it at the funeral service. This is another opportunity to sell additional copies of the DVD Tribute Video to client families.


Using Frazer Consultants Tribute Video Software, creating, burning the video tribute to DVD and uploading the video to your website are all simple tasks. Really, it’s true! You’ll be relieved to find that no great technology experience is required to create a DVD Tribute Video. Because Frazer Consultants Tribute Video Software is menu driven, it provides the user complete step by step instructions. Uploading the images takes just seconds per photograph.


Adding special effects to the photos, captions and pairing the images with a wide selection of fully licensed music takes just moments as well. The resulting Tribute Video is not only of professional quality, it’s a great solution to produce in-house in terms of time, effort and overall cost. Overall, the robust and well-programmed software that supports this program was designed with the funeral professional in mind. It’s easy. It’s professional. It’s affordable.


Additionally, if a funeral home implements funeral webcasting, this is yet another way to create traffic to your funeral home’s website. Should a family member or friend not be able to attend a funeral, or if the family just wants a recording of the service, utilizing a funeral webcast, the funeral professional can videotape the service and provide family and friends the option of viewing the service live or pre-recorded on the funeral homes website, at their convenience.


Uploading a funeral webcast and providing password protected viewing, allows family and friends to view the webcast as many times as they wish. Each time they view the webcast, they will have returned to your website, further ingraining your name and the exceptional technologically advanced services you can provide. By providing this type of engaging experience, your viewers will receive an experience they won’t soon forget.


See how easy it really is to create a DVD Tribute Video. Try it for yourself now.