A woman looking at holiday decorations.


Written by Matt Frazer


Presenting a personalized remembrance ornament to the bereaved during a holiday remembrance program is an appropriate, touching keepsake. It is also a special marketing piece for your funeral home as a personal reminder of your care and commitment.


A holiday remembrance program is an event open to anyone who has suffered a loss, at any time, and wishes to share that loss with others and gain support through the holiday season. Funeral professionals often invite the entire community to attend as a way to comfort and provide support for their neighbors during the holidays which can be a difficult time for those experiencing grief and loss.


Establishing a community-wide holiday remembrance program is not only a good healing experience for families, but it’s a smart marketing program as well. Imagine inviting all of the competitors’ families into your funeral home to experience a healing event at one of the most difficult times during the grief process. The next time that family is in need, who do you think they will choose?


Giving a Memorial Gift

You may create the most amazing holiday remembrance program in the community year after year. But if the families don’t show up, it doesn’t help you or the community. That is why the memorial gift giveaway is so important.

Personalized Memorial Gifts

Using a word template, adhesive decals and a printer, a funeral director or other funeral home employee can easily create personalized remembrance ornaments in-house. These crystal and hand-blown glass ornaments tipped in 22k gold make wonderful memorial gifts — especially with the personalized touch created by including the name of the loved one who has passed and two memorial dates.


Not only is a personalized remembrance ornament an appropriate, touching keepsake that is an expression of honor, comfort, understanding, healing, and peace, it is also a special marketing piece for your funeral home.


Revenue Generator

Although the first ornament is given at no charge as part of the holiday remembrance program, most funeral homes charge $20 for each additional ornament. On average, families are reordering 2-3 more ornaments. In most cases, this is paying for your giveaway and your entire holiday program activities.

Getting Started

To get the word out about your holiday remembrance program, advertisements, RSVP card ideas, letters and more can be provided by your funeral software consulting company. The software template itself which is used to create the personalization, the labels, and unlimited technical support are also provided free of charge with every ornament order. In addition, each ornament comes in an individual gift box for presentation to the family and safekeeping. So what are you waiting for? Simply pick up the phone, place your order and you’re on your way to creating a memorable community event with all the attention directed toward your funeral home.


To learn more, download our free guide to planning your holiday remembrance program