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Written by Matt Frazer


DVD Tribute Videos combine music, images, and videos in a unique way to create a memorial video that will allow client families to honor their loved one in a special way. They also are an excellent way to personalize, add value, and generate more revenue.


A DVD Tribute Video is a meaningful keepsake for the bereaved. Presenting the option to create a Tribute Video to families will solidify a place in their lives. They will watch the DVD Tribute Video again and again and be appreciative of the cherished memories that you were able to capture. When the family experiences another loss, it will be you that they call.


Using the most robust funeral software, funeral professionals can create Tribute Videos for client families in a very short amount of time. The professional results will amaze everyone who views them. All it takes is to scan the images provided by the family into the Tribute Video software and add some captions. To enhance the video, the funeral software can add professional motion effects to the images and enable the creator to even add video clips all by clicking a few buttons on the menu-driven screen.


If that was all that this new funeral software did, it would be pretty amazing. But that’s not all! This cutting-edge technology gives funeral professionals the tools and technologies that produce results. With the latest innovative funeral software, funeral professionals can not only create DVD Tribute Videos, but also can provide funeral webcasting, customize funeral stationery, and create personalized memorial gifts and funeral keepsakes all in-house, and all with ease.


By using this type of all-in-one suite of new funeral technology, funeral professionals can easily personalize, add value, and generate more revenue from each client family. These additional services and products that the software enables you to provide give the funeral professional significant competitive advantages, cost savings, and ease of use for staff members.


Families find great comfort in having personalized keepsakes and funeral stationery and watching these Tribute Videos together at the service and again at home whenever they choose. Personalization combined with technology provides a unique and special way to tell a loved one’s life story and capture memories forever.


Whether the bereaved are wishing to honor their loved one with a DVD Tribute Video, a personalized funeral candle, custom-made funeral stationery, or if they need funeral webcasting, new funeral software featuring all-in-one suite technology is an ideal solution. Download our personalization suite, Tribute Center, today!