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Written by Matt Frazer


Tribute Videos are an important part of a funeral or a memorial service. To make the most powerful Tribute Videos, it all starts with the software.


DVD Tribute Videos are a unique and special way to tell a loved one’s life story and capture memories forever. Families find great comfort in watching the Tribute Videos together at the funeral or memorial service. More and more funeral homes are helping families by creating these Tribute Videos in-house using the most advanced yet easy-to-use funeral software.


This innovative software is called Tribute Center. It was created to allow funeral professionals to create DVD Tribute Videos and funeral stationery and provide funeral webcasting at the click of a button. Having one software program that does it all makes the funeral professional’s job easier. No longer is it necessary to outsource to several different companies, learn different systems, or worse — get an inferior video created and delivered at the last minute with no time to make changes. Having this software in-house gives the funeral professional the control to create what they need when they need it.


Creating the DVD Tribute Video

Most families gather treasured mementos such as photographs and other trinkets as they go through life. DVD Tribute Videos preserve these cherished memories in a unique way.


The first step in the Tribute Video creation is to help the family select the most meaningful photos, encouraging them to select photos that span the loved one’s life. Remind them that there really is no right or wrong photo, they can use whatever images the family thinks will best tell the life story.


Next, the funeral professional simply scans the images provided by the family into the Tribute Video software. Captions can be added as well as professional motion effects which will bring the photos to life. Families also can include video clips and select a song that best reflects the loved one’s life.


In addition to burning the Tribute Video to a DVD, the funeral home can place the Tribute Video on their website so that it can also be shared online. Simply uploading the Tribute Video and linking it to the funeral home’s website, client families can view the Tribute Video from the comfort of their own home.


Creating a Tribute Video for client families provides a different type of memorial keepsake that will be cherished for generations to come. Client families will remember you for this special gift you were able to create for them as well.


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