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Written by Matt Frazer


How would you like to offer your client families the most personalization options, the highest quality, and the latest technology to make their loved one’s memorial service or funeral a true life celebration?


Frazer Consultants has the ideal solution. Tribute Center. This robust funeral software package enables you to provide funeral webcasting, create DVD Tribute Videos, customize funeral stationery, and create personalized memorial gifts and funeral keepsakes all in-house, and all with ease.


Revolutionary Products and Services

Many families aren’t even aware of the latest options available to them. Few have heard of funeral webcasting. Most would respond in a highly positive way if offered the chance to create a DVD Tribute Video for viewing at the service of their loved one. They would also be pleased with the vast selection of personalization options for funeral stationery and keepsakes.


Presenting these new options to families will solidify a place in their lives. They will remember the service they weren’t able to attend in person but were able to view over the internet because of the webcast you provided. They will watch the Tribute Video again and again and be appreciative of the cherished memories that you were able to capture. Each time they light the personalized memorial candle or hang the remembrance ornament on the tree, they’ll be thankful that you were able to offer these keepsake items. When the family experiences another loss, it will be you that they call.


Total Personalization

Creating a complete, personalized funeral service is easy with Tribute Center. Frazer Consultants offers more than 500 themes representing almost any interest, hobby, occupation, or religious background. Once a family selects a theme, it can be used for the funeral stationery, DVD Tribute Video, and even the funeral candle. All the components of the funeral will be coordinated and, more importantly, be personalized to the family’s wishes.


Ease of Use and Lots of Support

From the moment you download the Tribute Center software, you’ll recognize how easy it is to use this funeral software. Plus, you’ll see that the support we have to offer is wonderful. From online training videos to our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year friendly technical support, no matter what your user level is, we are available to assist you every step of the way.


Start personalizing all aspects of your funeral and memorial keepsakes. Download Tribute Center today