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Written by Matt Frazer


Frazer Consultant’s new all-in-one personalization funeral software gives you the ability to produce stunning funeral Tribute Videos in-house, quickly and easily. Creating each DVD Tribute Video is not only simple, it’s affordable too. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can provide client families a keepsake memorial video which will be cherished for years to come providing a personalized, value-added funeral product, and generate more revenue from each client family.


1. Incredible Personalization

With more than 500 Life Journey DVD menus to choose from, you can personalize each video to any interest, hobby, occupation, or religious background. You also can either add your own moving video clips or choose from a library of more than 80 beautiful clips. The Tribute Video software offers everything from moving waterfalls, to flowers, to sunsets/sunrises, to clouds just to name a few.


Plus, no Tribute Video would be complete without the right funeral music. Frazer Consultants is proud to have an exclusive partnerships with Paul Alexandar and Lesleigh Bennett. Both are amazing artists and have a true dedication to the funeral profession. Their funeral songs speak volumes and will vividly enhance any memorial video. Additionally, the Tribute Video software also has more than 75 royalty-free songs. These music choices are background music that contains piano and instruments.


2. Latest Technology

The Tribute Video software offers the first and only networkable Tribute Video software program! You can now share your projects between multiple computers. Plus, you no longer have to wait to preview your video. With simple click technology, you get a live preview in less than thirty seconds. Overall, this robust program has been built to be a simple three-step process to produce a world-class Tribute Video. Just import, edit, and burn!


3. Easy-To-Use Software

Sit back and relax because Tribute Center features this unique technology which automatically creates everything from your video and DVD boxes to your DVD labels and DVD menu, and Tribute Center will adjust your image transition times automatically!


4. Most Affordable Option

Frazer Consultants has the most affordable, pay-as-you-go system featuring no long-term contracts, no upfront costs, no equipment to buy, and no support fees.


5. Complete Marketing Materials

Letting your community know that you can offer world-class Tribute Videos is easy. There is no better way than through the web, newspaper, and print advertisements and Frazer Consultants has you covered!


To start making your own personalized DVD Tribute Videos, download Tribute Center today!