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Written by Matt Frazer


Using the latest funeral technology, Frazer Consultants’ Tribute Center enables funeral professionals to create world-class Tribute Videos in minutes. This funeral software is endorsed by funeral professionals, is affordable, and is easy to use.


Frazer Consultants’ Tribute Center video creation software is the profession’s premier solution to easy, in-house creation of DVD Tribute Videos. Continually enhancing and updating technology to keep our funeral software ahead of the curve, Tribute Center’s Tribute Videos are second to none.


Featuring full network capabilities, live preview, fastest compiling and burn time, and 100% dependability, the Tribute Center is endorsed by funeral professionals and is simply the easiest and most affordable choice.


Auto-Detection of Low-Resolution Photos

This recently-released feature automatically identifies low-resolution photos so that the creator has more control over the final quality of the DVD Tribute Video. The auto-detection feature helps funeral professionals avoid the inclusion of low resolution, grainy, electronic images. If a photo is less than 720 x 480 (DVD quality), the software highlights the photo and allows this photo to be easily deleted so that a higher resolution image can be imported.


Social Network Importing Capabilities

Another recent upgrade makes the Tribute Center compatible with Facebook. With so many people sharing photos and making connections with friends and family on Facebook, it only makes sense that our Tribute Center software would be able to import images directly from this venue.


High-Speed Scan Technology

The most time-saving feature around is our high-speed scanning technology. This exceptional funeral software will allow your funeral home to scan one photo every two seconds!


Pan/Zoom Technology

Adding professional motion effects to each photo only takes a few seconds. Perfectly position each motion effect to bring life to each photo.


Smart Movie Creation Technology

The Tribute Center will automatically set transitions, sync music, and create a stunning DVD menu at a click of a button.


Internet Sharing Technology

Intuitive software and the most robust technology allows the creator of the Tribute Videos to push a button and let the software automatically convert the Tribute Video file to a small internet-friendly file. This file is then automatically uploaded to the internet, creating a link that can be simply pasted on a website.


To start offering personalized keepsakes to your families, including Tribute Videos, download Tribute Center today.