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Written by Matt Frazer


Providing world-renowned solutions to help funeral home client families’ better honor, celebrate, remember and tell a life story, we help puts the power of technology to work for you.


As a funeral professional, your primary responsibility is honoring the wishes of the deceased and caring for the family during this difficult time. Our products and services make these tasks easier with the most robust funeral software, largest collection of personalization options, and the support you need to make it all happen with ease.


Frazer Consultants brings the tools and technologies that produce results. Our solutions help funeral professionals personalize, add value, and generate more revenue from each client family. By using a personalization and technology solution that is an all-in-one suite answer for personalization and technology, it provides significant competitive advantages, cost savings and ease of use for your staff.


Whether the bereaved are wishing to honor their loved one with a DVD Tribute Video, a personalized funeral candle, custom-made funeral stationery or if they need funeral webcasting, Frazer Consultants has an ideal solution. Tribute Center is a complete, all-in-one answer to implementing or upgrading your funeral technology to the latest, most robust funeral software that does it all. No longer will you need to outsource Tribute Videos, order pre-printed materials for old-style generic funeral stationery or refer business away to other memorial keepsake companies.


Take a look at what Tribute Center can do for you.


DVD Tribute Videos

Create a state-of-the-art Tribute Video to tell the story of every loved one. Tributes are designed by combining photos with beautiful music and scenic videos.


Funeral Stationery

With more than 500 themes, no other software can create the personalized printed products to honor a loved one. New features now allow for multiple layout options and advanced editing features.


Funeral Webcasting

Broadcasting a service around the world is now easier than ever. Webcasting is the perfect way to involve family and friends who can’t attend the service. Streaming a service is safe and secure, allowing it to be viewed in the privacy of your own home.


Frazer Consultants’ new all-in-one personalization funeral software gives funeral professionals the ability to provide live or recorded funeral webcasts, produce stunning funeral Tribute Videos, and offer client families the most personalized funeral stationery products. Get started by downloading Tribute Center today!