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Written by Matt Frazer


A funeral Tribute Video can be a therapeutic medium. Not only can it be viewed at a funeral or memorial service, but it can be cherished and reviewed hundreds of times in the years to follow.


To create a Tribute Video, a funeral professional must first have the family provide them with family photographs. This process alone can be a very moving and cathartic experience for the bereaved. Simply sifting through the pictures of important events and memorable occasions is sure to bring the family and friends many wonderful recollections. Although it may require time to sort through a large number of boxes and assorted photo albums, as the family does this it’s inevitable that many special stories will be shared. This task can turn into a wonderfully special time when children, friends, and relatives learn more about their loved one who has passed.


Once the funeral professional has the photographs and the family has selected the theme of the Tribute Video — usually many will coordinate the Tribute Video with other funeral stationery — then the Tribute Video can be created.


In just three quick steps, a funeral professional can create a Tribute Video that will honor a loved one who has passed. Using the latest advanced funeral technology, the funeral professional simply imports the pictures, edits them to add captions, crops or touches up the photos, and then burns the Tribute Video to a high-quality DVD. The resulting funeral Tribute Video will contain the music and theme the family has selected, their photos and any other personalization they wanted to add.


Arrangements can be made for viewing of the Tribute Video at the funeral itself, at a memorial service, or even a gathering after the services. While the immediate family may already be familiar with the images, these tribute viewings give distant relatives and friends a chance to perhaps see the deceased in another light and to honor their life. Plus, the way in which the photos move across the screen and are choreographed to music enhances the experience.


These Tribute Videos are a far cry from the flat picture board displays of yesteryear. Many times the Tribute Videos will be touching, sentimental and even funny — all at the same time. Because of their personal nature, additional copies of the DVD Tribute Video will be requested and the funeral professional can easily burn more copies for distribution. Client families may also wish that the Tribute Video be uploaded to the funeral home or crematory’s website for additional viewing.


For years following the death of a loved one, these Tribute Videos will be viewed again and again. While a client family’s grief may never be gone for good, and the sadness is almost never far away, viewing a Tribute Video can bring back a flood of memories and emotions. As a funeral professional, you can help the bereaved by offering Tribute Videos, giving client families a unique way to preserve the story of their loved one’s life and to hold on to those special moments in a personal way.


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