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Written by Matt Frazer


Thinking about offering funeral webcasting? As with any new product or service your funeral home may offer, selecting a funeral webcasting software company should be researched thoroughly before implementing.


Nothing is more frustrating than partnering with a company or purchasing a product and then finding out the salesperson left out a few important details. Or finding out that features you thought were included haven’t even been added to that model or addition. Often, not knowing what to ask or what to look for in the product or service is the problem.


To help get you up to speed on the latest in funeral webcasting, here are a few points you should consider when selecting a funeral webcasting provider.


1. Webcasting Equipment

Let’s face it, not everyone was born with the technology gene. Few could decide one day to implement funeral webcasting, go out and buy the right equipment and software, get it all hooked up and be ready to use during a service later that day. Having said that, not only should you be sure the funeral technology company you’re considering provides you a detailed list of what funeral webcasting equipment is needed to get started, but also that they can give you specific instructions on how to set it up, too.


2. Software Support

No matter how comprehensive an instruction pamphlet may be or how detailed the menus on a software program are, until you’ve sat down in front of it and tried it out, you never know what kind of questions you may have. Therefore, partnering with a company that lets you preview the software and one that also has 24 hours a day, seven days a week support is important. What happens when you have an early morning funeral and have a funeral webcasting question? Submitting a help ticket just isn’t going to cut it at that point.


3. New Versions or Discontinued Technology

Currently, there are more than 10 funeral webcasting providers within the profession. Did you know that nine out of 10 use the same outdated technology? They use the old windows media encoder that is scheduled to be discontinued fairly soon and is not even available for download on Microsoft’s website anymore. Be sure to find out what kind of technology your provider is using so there are no surprises later. Look for a company using the newest Microsoft expression encoder.


4. Comprehensive Editing Features

Finding a funeral webcasting authority that offers features that no other company offers will help ensure you have selected the most innovative software. For example, editing capabilities that allow you to crop the beginning or the end of the video and add captions to the funeral webcast are not standard features in most funeral webcasting software programs. In fact, only one company offers these two important benefits.


5. Top Notch Distribution

Another major component to successful funeral webcasting is the backend server technology that a provider might use. Currently, to our knowledge, there is only one company that uses a tier one content delivery network. That means worldwide global distribution at unbelievable speeds.


Keeping up with technology can be challenging, but following these simple guidelines should help you breeze through selecting a funeral technology provider to implement funeral webcasting — no matter what your technical abilities.


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