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Written by Matt Frazer


When looking at ways to personalize the funeral or memorial service, the one thing you should not forget is the funeral Tribute Video. In my opinion, the funeral Tribute Video is one of the most powerful healing tools for all friends and family who are involved. When the Tribute Video is done right, with photos spanning the loved one’s life and perfectly synced to music to make the photos come alive, you can create an unbelievably memorable experience for everyone involved.


To make the most powerful Tribute Videos, it all starts with the software. Frazer Consultants’ all-in-one suite is called Tribute Center. It allows you to create tribute DVDs, funeral stationery, and funeral webcasting, at a click of a button. The power of this funeral software is unbelievable.


The Tribute DVD module will allow your funeral home to create the most amazing Tribute Videos you have ever imagined. Starting with Tribute Center’s Hollywood-style intros that can take you through the clouds, over the top of a mountain, alongside a white sand beach, or on a serene journey through the forest. You set the healing experience that you want to take the family on right from the beginning.


The next step is to help the family select the most meaningful photos to include in the Tribute Video. Encourage the family to select photos that span the loved one’s life. All the way back to the most innocent and cute baby pictures, to the goofy and sometimes downright funny college photos. All you have to remember is this — there is really no right or wrong photo, just whatever the family thinks will tell the life story the best.


Once the photos are selected, now it’s your job to bring the photos to life with the perfect motion effects. This means panning the photos from top to bottom, from left to right, and zooming in or zooming out. When adding motion effects, remember that less motion is always better than more motion. You want to keep it soft and subtle. Only add motion where it makes sense and don’t overdo it.


When choosing music for the Tribute Video, choose a song that best reflects the loved one’s life. In most cases, the family will already have a few choices they have been thinking about.


The last step of creating a Tribute Video is putting it on a medium that can be shared and remembered for years to come. The Tribute Center software allows you to burn the DVD at one click of a button. Also, you are able to share it on your website with another click of a button. This allows friends and family to come to your website to watch the Tribute Video at any time.


Start making your own Tribute Videos by downloading Tribute Center today!