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Written by Matt Frazer


Ten years ago displaying photos on a picture board was the standard for a funeral. However, in today’s world, if that is all you are still doing, you are being left behind. For the last several years we have seen what I call the first generation of funeral Tribute Videos. But I think just around the corner we are going to start seeing second generation Tribute Videos.


The first generation Tribute Videos consisted of photos, music, intros/endings, scenic video clips, and personalized captions. However, the second generation Tribute Video is going to a whole new level. With the number of cellphones hitting more than 4.6 billion in 2010, and 19% of those smartphones, which are photo- and video-enabled, I think you see where all this is headed.


The second generation Tribute Video is getting ready to be a whole lot more personal with short 30-60 second live video clips of the loved one. Extending this theory is one of the hottest items for the 2010 Christmas season, the flip video camera. It’s a small flip-style video camera that can be stored in your pocket or purse with ease. With products like this, you can see that we are not far off from the second generation Tribute Video.


Another big factor pushing the second generation Tribute Video is Facebook. The problem in the past with all this digital content is that it was extremely hard to keep organized. Imagine when someone passes away, trying to find all those photos and videos in a very short amount of time. Well, we are now at a point where you can just log into the loved one’s Facebook account and save the digital media to create the ultimate Tribute Video.


With all the above in mind, does your current Tribute Video software allow short video clips of the loved one to be imported? If the answer is no, you should highly consider looking at Tribute Center by Frazer Consultants. Frazer Consultants does not only think about the Tribute Videos of today but are working hard to keep you ahead of the curve tomorrow.


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