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Written by Matt Frazer


As a funeral home, you have two choices on how you want to produce your Tribute Videos. Do them yourself in-house or hire an outside provider. Ten years ago, hiring an outside provider for Tribute Videos was probably more common than it is today. As technology has progressed, it doesn’t really make sense to outsource anymore.


There are several factors on why it makes more sense to produce your Tribute Videos in-house rather than outsourcing. I’ll step through each and every one.


1. Cost

Most outsourced providers charge between $100-$200 and limit the size of the video to 20-30 photos. If you go above and beyond the standard number of photos, they charge you an additional charge per photo. If you produce your Tribute Videos in-house, you might be looking at a cost of around $15-20 and you can do as many photos as you wish. Not to mention, you also can produce as many additional copies as you want at no additional charge.


2. Time and Convenience

Do you think it is really more convenient to outsource your Tribute Videos? Not exactly. Think about it — most outsourcing companies require you to scan in all the photos, email the photos, download the completed video, and then burn the disk. If you are going to complete all those steps, why not just put together rest of the video yourself?


As a matter of fact, I’d argue that putting the Tribute Video together is the easy part. The hard part is meeting with the family, collecting the photos, and scanning the photos. Also, what happens if the family brings the photos in at the last minute? There is no way an outsourced provider is going to be able to create a Tribute Video in time, and even if they can they will likely charge extra for the rush.


3. Quality

This is a big one. Over the past couple of weeks, I have posted a few other blog posts about Tribute Videos. I had two separate outsourced solution providers comment that funeral homes are not capable of producing the same kind of quality. My reply was, post an example of your Tribute Videos and let’s compare. Out of the two solution providers, guess how many of them posted an example? Zero!


The truth is, the list could go on and on about why you should do your own Tribute Videos in-house. But I’ll rest with the three main points above. If you’re looking for the ultimate Tribute Video software that creates the highest quality Tribute Video in a short amount of time and at an affordable cost, download Tribute Center today