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Written by Matt Frazer


Creating personalized funeral stationery on demand is what leading funeral homes are doing. Shouldn’t your funeral home keep up with the times as well?


Pre-printed funeral stationery is a thing of the past. As times change, new opportunities to enhance a life celebration are created. Providing client families with the next generation of personalized funeral stationery is one great option. Thankfully, with new technology, all things are possible and they’re easy too!


With print-on-demand funeral register books and funeral stationery, you get the best of everything. Personalization has never been easier. Cutting-edge funeral software programs provide funeral professionals with more than 500 themes to offer. Because of this, funeral stationery can easily be personalized to any interest, hobby, occupation, or religious background. Using simple-to-use, menu-driven software templates, just a simple stack of blank perforated stock, and a printer, in minutes you can create register books, prayer cards, thank-you cards, funeral programs, bookmarks, funeral candles, and more.


Client families will be extremely pleased with the selection, quality, and keepsakes created. So not only is this a win for the funeral home and the office staff — it’s a win for the families you serve as well.


Still on the fence? If your funeral home has been thinking about changing from traditional pre-printed stationery to the new, blank stock print-on-demand system, here’s why you’re headed in the right direction:

  • With pre-printed stationery, you’re truly limited in choice and options for personalization.
  • Pre-printed stock is an inventory nightmare. Funeral homes are constantly running out of one theme or another and need to rush orders to get them in time for the funeral.
  • Families want more. There’s a reason the buzzword for funeral professionals in 2011 is personalization — it’s what families want.

With the new year unfolding, now is the time to say goodbye to your old, outdated funeral stationery and start enhancing the level of personalization you provide.


Start personalizing and printing your own custom funeral stationery in-house today! Download Tribute Center.