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Written by Matt Frazer


For the bereaved, it can be hard to ask for help. Instead of saying, “call me if you need anything,” it is better to be proactive and offer specific assistance.


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Offer to Take Care of Any Mundane Tasks Around the House

Ordinary chores are the last thing on the mind of a person who is grieving.


1. Cutting the grass or shoveling the driveway.
2. Taking care of the pets with a walk or play time.
3. Picking up household items like detergent, dish soap, and toiletries.
4. Offering to run errands.
5. Taking the kids to the park or on a playdate.
6. Offering to throw in a load of laundry.


Bring Food to the Family

It relieves the burden of planning meals, shopping, and cooking. It sends a thoughtful message and will be appreciated.


1. Take simple and healthy snacks as well as comfort foods.
2. Bring frozen dishes, which can be used at any time.
3. Call ahead to ask what food is needed or if there is plenty of already.
4. Take food containers that do not have to be returned.
5. Label the dish contents and include cooking instructions when needed.
6. Bring plastic forks, paper plates, napkins, and disposable cups.


Offer Your Company to the Bereaved

Going through grief can make the bereaved feel lonely. Loneliness can temporarily be relieved with some company and pleasant conversation.


1. Invite the person to lunch or dinner.
2. Offer to attend an event that the bereaved may have normally attended with their loved one.
3. Suggest seeing the latest movie or play.
4. Invite the bereaved to come over to watch the game or a popular television program.
5. Ask the person grieving to join you in a cooking or exercise class.
6. Encourage the bereaved to join you on a walk or trip to the park.