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Written by Matt Frazer


If your funeral home has been thinking about changing from traditional pre-printed funeral stationery to a new, blank stock print-on-demand system, here is why you are headed in the right direction.


First, if you offer pre-printed stationery, you are already limited in choice and options for your family in order to offer true personalization. Second, if you have a lot of pre-printed stock at the funeral home, you already know what an inventory nightmare it is. You are constantly running out of one theme or another, trying to rush orders to get in time for the funeral. Say goodbye to the old, and let’s get moving with the new.


Say hello to print-on-demand funeral register books and stationery. You get the best of everything! More than 500 themes to choose from so that you can personalize to any interest, hobby, occupation, or religious background. You no longer will have an inventory nightmare, just a simple stack of blank perforated stock. Not only is this a win for the funeral home and the office staff, but it’s a win for the families you serve as well.


Let’s face it, you’ve heard it a million times — personalization, personalization, personalization. You can truly do it now with ease. With Frazer Consultants’ new Tribute Center software, it makes print-on-demand so simple, you’ll be sitting around the office wondering what to do with all that time (ok, I could be stretching it a bit, but compared to the old system, you will definitely save a lot of time and frustration). And your families will thank you for the level of personalization that you can provide.


For more information about the ultimate in funeral technology and funeral software, download Tribute Center today!