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Written by Matt Frazer


Tribute Videos are an important part of a funeral or a memorial service. They can even be a fitting keepsake to tell a loved one’s life story and capture memories forever.


A Tribute Video is an amazing way to honor a loved one and to celebrate their life. Nothing can replace the precious moments shared with family and friends; however, creating a DVD Tribute Video with a collage of photos set to music and blended with special effects can capture those memories forever. Once compiled, these moving DVD Tribute Videos provide not only a visual reminder of a loved one after the memorial or funeral service but they also can be played during the service as well.


Funeral homes now can create DVD Tribute Videos in-house using photos that the deceased’s family and friends provide. Advanced funeral technology and software makes this once time-consuming task a quick and easy process with world-class results. Now, importing pictures for the DVD Tribute Video can be completed at a rate of one photo every two seconds. Additionally, professional motion effects, moving video clips, and beautiful music can easily be added to create a personal memorial video that can tell a life’s story, over and over, just by clicking the play button.


The key to creating a top-notch Tribute Video for a client family is to find software that is 100% dependable. Other features like full network capabilities, live preview, fast compiling and burn time, and professional effects will be items that deathcare professionals will be sure to look for in their software as well. Additionally, the Tribute Video software should be capable of automatically setting transitions, syncing music, and creating a stunning DVD menu at the click of a button. Furthermore, a software that offers no long-term contracts, no upfront costs, no equipment to buy and no support fees, would be one that most funeral professionals would be interested in finding.


Because ease of use is possibly the most important aspect, a software that can capture all of these features in an application that’s easy to use will be the clear winner. Tribute Video software should be so robust that it practically creates the Tribute Video by itself. Using an application with a simple menu-driven and a user-friendly interface, yet one that is advanced enough to give the flexibility of high-end special effects, is optimal. Find this software and the deathcare professional will be able to import, edit, burn, and be done.


However, the best part of being able to provide loved ones with a DVD Tribute Video is the lasting effect it will have. Client families will be amazed by their Tribute Videos and remember that their funeral director was able to provide them with a keepsake that they can treasure forever.


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