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Written by Matt Frazer


DVD Tribute Videos are not the simple slideshows of yesteryear. Gone are the days of a slide projector and dull images silently flashing on screen at a funeral or memorial service. Client families are looking for professional-quality Tribute Videos and they’re looking for their funeral director to provide them.


Funeral Software is Evolving

What’s better is that the technology is so advanced, there’s no need to learn how to use some high-tech editing program.


The innovative software has turned the DVD Tribute Video process into a simple three-step process that may sound complex but is ultra easy due to advanced funeral technology. With as many or as few pictures the family would like to use, a funeral professional can quickly scan the photos, add some special effects like music, transitions, or picture touch-up, and then burn the Tribute Video onto a DVD.


The professional motion and other effects can easily be added to each photo in seconds, bringing life to every image. Furthermore, using a complete music library with exclusively licensed music will produce a DVD Tribute Video that will amaze you and your client families.


This type of robust funeral software practically creates the Tribute Video on its own with minimal input from the funeral professional. Using these menu-driven applications, professional Tribute Videos are being created in-house by funeral directors across the country. Making these personalized Tribute Videos is so easy that anyone, no matter how pressed for time, can do it using DVD Tribute Videos software.


Funeral professionals also can offer to place the Tribute Video on their website so that it also can be shared online. By simply uploading the Tribute Video to the web and linking it to the funeral home’s website, client families can view the Tribute Video from the comfort of their own home.


DVD Tribute Videos are a special way to honor and celebrate a loved one’s life. They are a wonderful opportunity to help client families remember their loved one who has passed away and an excellent opportunity for a funeral director to provide an outstanding service.


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