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Written by Matt Frazer


Creating personalized prayer cards and funeral stationery is easy with the latest funeral technology.


Unique and personal funeral stationery, including prayer cards, can now be created in funeral homes around the world. With the advances in technology and software programs developed specifically for the funeral profession, funeral stationery is forever changed.


Now, funeral professionals are able to use pre-designed and pre-formatted templates. It’s an ideal situation that gives client families access to the largest selection of styles and designs. The bereaved can make their choice from a variety of themes — hundreds, in fact. No matter the denomination or interest, these new prayer cards will reflect the true essence of a loved one’s life.


The prayer card templates allow funeral professionals to print eight per sheet — creating almost 100 prayer cards requires only a dozen sheets of paper. What makes the prayer cards unique is that they are printed on the completely blank stock. Whether you are looking to create a traditional prayer card with Catholic imagery or one that has various scenes to represent the person’s life, our funeral software can accomplish it all.


Using a standard laser printer or office color copier, the designs are not limited in any manner. There are many different themes, images, and backgrounds that come pre-designed so that the entire prayer card is unique, not pre-printed. While many prayer cards are standard from funeral home to funeral home because of the limitation of pre-printed funeral stationery, creating prayer cards from blank stock is much less constraining and the results are astronomically better.


Creating special keepsake prayer cards is not as difficult as you may think. Funeral software templates make the process much less time-consuming. All you need to do is select a template and click a few buttons. Technology-driven programs can help funeral homes with many tasks. Making personalized and unique funeral prayer cards and other funeral stationery is no exception.


Using advanced funeral stationery software, complete with prayer card templates, will take just minutes, but the keepsakes created will be cherished by client families forever. Everyone who attends a funeral or memorial service will want one and mourners will hold onto these distinctive prayer cards for years.


To personalize all your memorial keepsakes — including funeral stationery and prayer cards — download Tribute Center today