A red candle on a table.


Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral candles are evolving thanks to Frazer Consultants. Their new Life Journey Celebration Candle allows for endless personalization possibilities many funeral homes and families have been requesting.


With the Life Journey Candle, all personalization — including that of the background scene — is created in-house by the funeral director. This means no more worries about the need to inventory multiple scenes, and yet the personalization is so easy that anyone, no matter how pressed for time, can do it using the provided software.


With just a few keystrokes by the funeral professional, the creation of these personalized funeral keepsake candles can be completed on demand. Innovative software has turned the funeral candle personalization process into a simple one-step process. Using nothing more than a computer, a standard inkjet or laser printer, and specially formatted perforated sheets, their creation is simple. The robust funeral software practically creates the printed sheets on its own with minimal input from the funeral professional.


The Life Journey Celebration Candle itself is hand-made of beveled glass and has a beautiful wood base with a cherry finish. Each is filled with 100% all-natural wax that is friendly to our environment and will burn for more than 100 hours. Once personalized, the funeral candle will contain the deceased’s photo, name, birth and death dates, and any other verses or poems requested by the family.


Frazer Consultants’ personalized funeral candle keepsake is extremely flexible too. With more than 500 themes to choose from and the ability to use one or multiple photos, the Life Journey Celebration Candle is the most unique funeral candle on the market today.


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