A lit candle sitting on a table


Written by Matt Frazer


The flame of a funeral candle burning in a chapel draws mourners to its glow. The comforting flicker, its symbolism of a warm embrace, and the light itself all inspire hope for the future. To some, the memorial candle even becomes a representation of the spirit of the person who has passed away. Obviously, funeral candles are a powerful part of any funeral or memorial service.


Historically, funeral candles were nothing more than ordinary candles perhaps with a ribbon attached or placed in an elaborate candelabra in a prominent place for the ceremony. However, mourners’ desire to more completely celebrate their loved ones’ lives has pushed the funeral profession to move to create more personal keepsakes. The days of plain, white candles with a simple ribbon are a thing of the past. Families want more out of their tribute candles.


The challenge to meet or exceed client families’ wishes lies in the hands of the funeral director. Caught between helping a family craft their loved one’s life celebration into everything that they imagined while controlling time and cost constraints, funeral directors need help. Using top-notch funeral technology to assist them in performing tedious tasks is an excellent solution. Instead of personalized keepsake candles becoming a dreadful chore, it’s an opportunity to make a lasting impression on a family.


The creation of these personalized funeral keepsake candles is easier than you might think. There’s no need to place an order with another provider and wait for your personalized items, hoping they come in on time and with no mistakes. The keepsake candles can be easily created in-house with just a few keystrokes.


Innovative software has turned the funeral candle personalization process into a very simple one. Using nothing more than a computer, a standard inkjet or laser printer, and specially formatted perforated sheets, their creation is simple. The robust funeral software practically creates the printed sheets on its own with minimal input from the funeral professional. The resulting funeral candle is personalized with the deceased’s photo, name, birth and death dates, and any other verses or poems requested by the family.


These cherished keepsake funeral candles will help client families grieve their loved one who has passed and remember their funeral director was the one who helped them create a special, personal candle in their time of need.


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