A rose sits on a book of quotes.


Written by Matt Frazer


A unique funeral register book and other personalized stationery honors a loved one and speaks to mourners in a meaningful way.


Creating custom-made funeral register books for client families helps them tell their loved one’s story. It reminds mourners, at a glance, what made their loved one special.


Whereas a generic funeral register book misses an opportunity to help survivors, a personalized funeral register book can provide a real opportunity to celebrate life and cherish the unique and individual spirit of their loved one. Furthermore, funeral homes that are still creating generic, simple, and standard register books are now competing with a fast-growing sector of technology-smart funeral homes that provide these personalization options.


Why Partner with Frazer Consultants?

Unlike any other funeral stationery, Frazer Consultants’ funeral register books are of the highest quality, the largest variety, and are the easiest, most cost-effective register books to produce.


With more than 500 professionally-designed themes for every interest, hobby, occupation, and religious background, Frazer Consultants’ funeral register books aren’t the tired funeral stationery of yesteryear. Printing on demand, from blank stock instead of pre-printed paper, our stationery provides a truly personalized funeral register book at a low, fixed cost per page rate. Additionally, Frazer Consultants’ robust, world-renowned software is integrated with leading funeral management software systems that allow for one-time data entry.


Generic funerals are a thing of the past. No two lives are alike, and no two funeral register books should be either. Learn more about what Frazer Consultants can do for you and your client families.


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