A blue book on grief sits on top of a table.


Written by Matt Frazer


To be able to personalize a funeral service means everything to a family. They are celebrating the life of their loved one. To think that cookie cutter funeral register books would be good enough is old school thinking. Survivors are looking to embrace their loved one’s unique personalities and show the world what made this person special.


With New Technology Comes New Opportunities

The growing desire to truly personalize a funeral right down to the funeral register book affords funeral professionals an opportunity to provide client families with the ultimate solution. Finding a software program that is easy to use, is affordable and can create professional, personalized funeral register books can mean the difference between a fantastic end result and another time-consuming task to complete.


By partnering with Frazer Consultants, funeral homes can create fully customized funeral register books with unsurpassed ease and the finest results. Thanks to Frazer Consultants’ Tribute Center software, funeral professionals have access to state-of-the-art technology and personalization options for which their client families are asking.


Here’s what sets Frazer Consultants’ funeral register books apart from the crowd.


1. The Ultimate in Personalization

Frazer Consultants’ Life Journey Celebration Stationery has more than 500 coordinating themes to assist client families’ full personalization of their life celebration. Other companies offer just one standard template. Additionally, Frazer Consultants offers a selection of eight different funeral register book covers with materials and colors appropriate for men, women, and children.


2. True One-Time Data Entry

Re-entering data is a time-consuming, senseless task. Frazer Consultants is the only company to connect their funeral register book software with funeral home management software companies. For an easy solution, connection to funeral management systems is a must. There’s no duplicate entry, no wasted time — just push a button and you’re done.


3. Options Galore

Providing funeral professionals with the most robust software solution that’s 10 times better than the competition, Frazer Consultants’ software is the leading choice. Frazer’s software gives users full control with a “design mode” which allows the funeral home to set each page’s default. Once set, all future tributes are auto-populated with the correct data. The book essentially creates itself.


To personalize all your memorial keepsakes — including funeral register books — download Tribute Center today.