A blue book on grief sits on top of a table.


Written by Matt Frazer


Today, families are looking for new ways to personalize their loved one’s funeral and memorial services. Life is all about options, and families believe that even a funeral — in fact, especially a funeral — should have options to create a memorable and meaningful celebration.


Families are looking for unique funeral stationery and keepsakes, including funeral register books, prayer cards, memorial folders, personalized funeral candles, and DVD Tribute Videos.


Specifically, a unique funeral register book and other personalized stationery honor a loved one and speak to mourners in a meaningful way. Creating custom-made funeral register books for client families helps them tell their loved one’s story. It reminds mourners, at a glance, what made their loved one special.


Whereas a generic funeral register book misses an opportunity to help survivors, a personalized register book can provide a real opportunity to celebrate life and cherish the unique and individual spirit of their loved one. Furthermore, funeral homes that are still creating generic, simple, and standard funeral register books are now competing with a fast-growing sector of technology-smart funeral homes that provide these personalization options.


As a funeral professional, you have encountered some of life’s most challenging situations — from comforting a grieving widow to consoling the parents of a child who has passed away. Your ability to remain calm and collected is insurmountable. But yet, each of us has our Achilles heel. Is technology yours?


In order to be able to offer your client families the best options for funeral register books and other funeral stationery, change is inevitable. The good news is that new technologies exist today that are easy to use and very cost effective.


Being afraid of technology and change is a common problem amongst all people. Learning any new process or developing any new skill takes time. Just ask the five-year-old learning how to ride a bike without training wheels. But, those who overcome their fear of learning new skills and technologies advance in the world and are rewarded.


Don’t be afraid of technology. Your families will thank you.


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