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Written by Matt Frazer


Today, families and friends are looking for new ways to personalize their loved one’s funeral and memorial services. With a unique funeral register book, complete with professionally-produced themes and the most advanced printing options, Frazer Consultants offers total personalization to client families. More importantly, this technology is now so advanced, it is integrated with leading funeral home management software companies allowing for true one-time data entry.


Due to recent technology developments and partnerships, any of Frazer Consultants’ 500 pre-formatted, personalized templates can be used to create a professional-quality funeral register book at the click of a button. No duplicate entry of data is required. Once the data is housed in the funeral management software, at a click of a button the data can be imported into Tribute Center and auto-fill your funeral register book for a quick and easy method of creating the ultimate personalized funeral register book.


“No other company in the profession can offer this kind of ease,” said Matt Frazer, president of Frazer Consultants.


“It’s our goal to help families and friends celebrate the life of their loved one, and to find comfort in a meaningful funeral register book,” said Frazer. “The Tribute Center Software makes it simple for funeral professionals to quickly and easily design a funeral register book because our software is integrated with the leading funeral management software systems.”


When you’re trying to decide who you are going to partner with for your personalized funeral register book options, the first question you should ask is “does your system integrate with my funeral home management software?” If the answer is no, then keep looking!


To personalize all your memorial keepsakes — including funeral stationery and thank-you cards — download Tribute Center today.