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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral stationery, no matter what form it is in, is an important facet of the funeral service. The stationery not only serves as a keepsake for those who were present at the service, it also allows funeral homes’ client families to better honor, celebrate, remember, and tell the life story.


Funeral stationery is not what it used to be. Traditionally, a funeral home would purchase pre-printed paper for the stationery which meant stocking inventory of each design and each individual item. In many instances, to control costs or because of a supplier policy, funeral professionals would need to order a minimum number of each item. The expense to house and maintain this inventory meant the number of selections was limited. A funeral home may have only had two or three options from which families could choose.


Today, because of technology advances, funeral professionals and client families not only have a vast assortment of personalization options to choose from, but there’s also no need to inventory pre-printed stock. Funeral stationery can now be printed on demand from blank, perforated stock using software-driven layouts. Everything needed — funeral register book pages, memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgments, bookmarks, signs, DVD packaging, and even candles — can all be printed in this manner.


More funeral professionals are choosing to use the faster and easier way of creating high-quality, personalized funeral stationery through the use of these design layouts. Doing so makes perfect sense in the funeral profession because funeral planning is such a time-sensitive event. The majority of families do not have a lot of time to devote to the creation of personalized funeral stationery. Yet, they certainly want to create a special keepsake for family, friends, and attendees at their loved one’s final life celebration.


With access to more than 500 predesigned and preformatted design layouts, we offer a high level of personalization to funeral homes’ client families. Layouts for virtually every interest, hobby, occupation, and religious background are included in the Tribute Center software.


Using the funeral home’s own printing equipment, Frazer Consultants’ print-on-demand stationery is an attractive feature because it doesn’t lock a funeral home into printing a particular sum if it isn’t necessary. With Frazer’s Tribute Center software, a funeral home can print only what’s needed, when it’s needed, and know the result will be the most professional, low-cost, and fully customized funeral printing available.


To personalize all your memorial keepsakes — including funeral stationery — download Tribute Center right now.