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Written by Matt Frazer


Providing technology that is easy and affordable, the Tribute Center gives funeral professionals the ability to create high-quality Tribute Videos, personalized printed materials, and high-tech webcasts with a few keystrokes.


“Our new software, coupled with the training video, provides our customers with the ability to easily and consistently create the most complete, high-quality, personalized memorial products,” said Matt Frazer, president of Frazer Consultants.


The newly launched training video, which can be watched at the customer’s convenience, starts with a brief overview of the Tribute Center. The viewer is then guided through the system module by module. Each module provides tips for easy point-and-click use and highlights the benefits of that particular personalization component.


“We encourage every customer that utilizes our software to watch the training video,” said Frazer. “It’s a great tool for staff training and is very convenient because they can watch it whenever they want.”


The training video includes easy-to-follow instructions so that once the user finishes the training they will be able to quickly and easily create Tribute Videos, personalized funeral stationery, live or delayed webcasts, and personalized keepsakes.


“Frazer Consultants’ vision is to help each and every funeral home offer more personalized services through the use of our highly user-friendly tools and technologies,” said Frazer. “Our new Tribute Center all-in-one suite turns this vision into reality.”


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