Two people hugging each other.


Written by Elisa Weiss


At Frazer Consultants, we feel incredibly lucky to work in a profession where we are reminded daily of the kindhearted compassion of humanity. Working in funeral service takes a special person, with the right balance of dedication and integrity, (not to mention looking fabulous in a suit). So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to take a moment and share the 10 things we love most about Funeral Directors.

1. Like we said, you look amazing in a suit.

Well, hello there.





2. Your morbid (yet awesome) sense of humor.

‘Which embalming fluid works best? Each mortician should formalin their own opinion’. heh heh.




3. You are willing to sacrifice sleep to help a family in need.

Those 3 a.m. removal calls ring a bell?





4. Your remarkable ability to shrug off the inquisitive, and sometimes judgmental, stares you get when you tell someone what you do.

“You’re a what??”




5. You treat the families you serve as if they are your own.

And your family is totally fine with it.




6. You put the “fun” in funeral.

It takes a special person to be able to turn a family’s worst day into a celebration of life and memories.





7. In your profession, there’s no such thing as 9-5 — but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

That’d be boring anyway, right?





8. You’re willing to wear many hats so that everything gets accomplished.

Event planner, grief counselor, financial planner, graphic designer – and all before 10 am!




9. Your unwavering compassion to each family you serve.

How DO you do it?




10. Your job isn’t your job, it’s your life. And you love it.

And we love that you love it.




Thanks for your service and dedication! We are honored to work with you each and every day. Have a very happy Valentine’s Day!


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