Three women in suits laughing over lunch

Written by Katrina Paz, The Union


Comedy at a funeral home is not what one would expect on a Friday night, but those who make their way to the Chapel of Angels Mortuary this week will find a lighthearted and insightful evening about death. Not typically a fun topic, a local group called Posy-Filled Pockets presents a monthly selection of speakers to open the door to an often difficult and ignored subject.


Founded by writer Rachel James and Tim Lilyquist of the Chapel of Angels, Posy-Filled Pockets is described as a death-positive community project designed to encourage conversations about mortality through art, academics, industry and advocacy. The group’s monthly series re-launches this week after a two-year hiatus.


The events consist of a lineup of speakers covering a different topic of death in an approachable and comfortable format. This week’s theme, titled, “Gallows Humor: Yer Killin’ Me,” will embrace the humor that can be found in death.


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